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Committee members are the persons who manage the affairs of the club. Our committee consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, registrar and at least one ordinary committee member. Our committee aims to meet once a month. Each committee member must be an ordinary member of the club and has one vote at meetings. In addition to the tasks outlined in the clubs model rules the elected officers roles are to:

1.1.1 President:

 Coordinate over running of the club
 Consult with the secretary regarding the business to be conducted at meetings
 Convene and preside over meetings
 Consult with the secretary regarding all official club communication
 Work with committee to support and direct volunteer efforts
 General day to day operation of the club and address issues as they arise

1.1.2 Vice President:

 Act as president when the president is unable to do so
 Assist the president with their role.

1.1.3 Secretary:

 Act on club correspondence,
 Consult with the president regarding the business to be conducted at meetings
 Prepare and circulate meeting agendas and minutes
 Maintain up-to-date copy of club documents
 Ensure the safe custody of the non-financial books of the club
 Carry out any other duty given to the secretary by the committee.

1.1.4 Treasurer:

 Coordinate club financial matters including receiving payments made to the club and issue receipts
 Make club payments as authorised by the committee
 Ensure safe custody of the clubs financial records, financial statements and financial reports
 Prepare financial statement to be presented to the club at the AGM
 Carrying out any other duty given to the treasurer by the committee.

1.1.5 Registrar:

 Maintain on behalf of the club the register of members
 Undertake all the administration side of the registration process for players, coaches and volunteers on the myfootballclub website
 Coordinates Kidsport vouchers
 Takes all initial queries for registration
 Ensure players are registered in the appropriate age groups
 Carry's out any other duty given to the registrar by the committee

1.1.6 Ordinary committee member:

 Act as a general representative of the members of the club and be a key contact point for them to raise matters with the committee
 Ordinary committee members are encouraged to take on a key coordinating role


Each year at the AGM the maximum number of ordinary committee members for the following year will be determined by the committee


Subsidiary officer’s roles may be taken on by anyone who is eligible to be a member of our club. A person who takes on a key coordinating role does not have to be a committee member, but may need to attend committee meetings. These roles include:

1.3.1 Assistant registrar: Assists the registrar with all matters and in liaison with committee and coordinator organise end of season presentations

1.3.2 Junior referee coordinator: Coordinate club referees for junior games including training, scheduling/ rostering and payments

1.3.3 Senior referee coordinator: Working with the treasurer to organise and record payments for senior referees and organise club referee for senior games where a referee isn't allocated

1.3.4 Coaches Coordinator: Works with the registrar to coordinate team allocations and coach recruitment, is first point of contact for coaches, relays any relevant information from committee meeting or correspondence from affiliate bodies e.g. CCJSA and SWSA, maintain coach and team manager contact details, in liaison with coaches schedule's training time rosters and locations and ensure the development of coaches.

1.3.5 Equipment manager: Oversees all equipment issues and management, including playing strips, balls and first aid kits, works with coach’s coordinator, treasurer and other committee/ coordinator to organise the purchase and/ or replacement of equipment as necessary.

1.3.6 Fundraising coordinator: Oversees and assists with all fundraising ventures

1.3.7 Fundraising assistant – Grants: Research, discuss and apply for grants

1.3.8 Fundraising assistant – Sponsorship: Develop and maintain relationships with sponsors and deliver on sponsorship requirements

1.3.9 Fundraising assistant – Events: Coordinate, organise and run fundraising events. E.g. trivia night, raffles, BBQ’s

1.3.10 Canteen Manager: Oversees canteen operations, including purchasing of products and organising volunteers.

1.3.11 Grounds and facilities coordinator: Working with the coaches coordinate use of the ground for training and game, coordinate initial set up and final pack up of pitches

1.3.12 Grounds Keeper: Mark the lines on a regular basis

1.3.13 South West Soccer Association (SWSA) representative (x2): Attend and represent the club at SWSA meetings (held periodically) and report back to the committee.

1.3.14 Country Costal Junior Soccer Association (CCJSA) representative (x2): Attend and represent the club at CCJSA meetings (held monthly) and report back to the committee

1.3.15 Dardanup Sporting and Community Club (DSCC) representative (x2): Attend and represent the club at DSCC meetings (held every 2 months) and report back to the committee

1.3.16 Merchandise Officer: Liaises with players, parents, supplies and treasurer regarding the ordering, distribution and purchasing of merchandise, track and be accountable for all merchandise stock

1.3.17 Marketing and Media Officer: Access to and uses club social media to promote the club and it’s events etc, maintain club website site, gather content from committee and coordinators for month e-news letter, send out e-news letter monthly.


 All coaching positions become vacant at the beginning of each season
 The appointment of Team Coaches is at all times subject to the approval of the Committee and the completion of a Working With Children Check
 Coaches shall be responsible for notifying parents/guardians/ players of practice and game schedules, any changes with these schedules.
 Prior to the start of any playing season, coaches shall meet with the parents/guardians/ players of their respective team and explain the commitment (practice, games, conduct, fundraising, etc.)
 Coaches are responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship of his/her players and assistant coaches before, during and directly after every game.
 Coaches shall ensure that players, assistant coaches and spectators do not interfere with the playing of the game.
 Coaches should make every effort to ensure the safety of his/her players during games. A coach should forfeit any game, which in his/her opinion does not promote the safety of his/her players.
 Coaches shall make an effort to play each player in each game. A coach may make a decision not to allow a player to play or to reduce his/her playing time if:
        o The player has excessively missed practice sessions and/or games.
        o The player possesses an attitude that in the opinion of the coach is detrimental to the                    team and/or individual development.
 Questionable conduct of a coach may result in warnings, suspensions or revocation of coaching privileges, which will be decided by the Committee
 Coaches are directly responsible for reasonably safeguarding any Club property issued to his/her and are responsible for returning such property at the end of the playing season.
 Under no circumstances shall a coach verbally or physically abuse a player, a coach, a referee or a spectator. Any infraction to this rule or any other questionable conduct of a coach should be reported to the Committee.


 The committee may authorise the treasurer to expend funds on behalf of the Association up to $100 without requiring approval from the committee for each item on which the funds are expended. Recipes must be kept and presented at the next committee meeting follow the purchase
 Committee members and other key volunteers shall be entitled to claim reimbursement for approved out-of-pocket expenses incurred whilst acting in an official capacity on behalf of the club. Receipts must be supplied within one month of incurring expenses.
 No person will make purchases on behalf of the club and expect reimbursement without prior permission being given by a majority vote of the committee or passed at a committee meeting
 All payments issued by the Club shall be endorsed by any TWO of the bank signatories


 The committee shall determine club fundraising activities from time to time.
 Individuals or teams must seek approval from the management committee for any individual fundraising activities. Information as to how the activity will be organised, including risk management and safety measures must be provided to the management committee before approval can be given.


 Sponsorship of individual teams of the club shall be permitted subject to written approval by the Committee.
 All proposals for sponsorship must be submitted in writing to the Committee.


This information is to be used in conjunction with EDFC’s Model Rules

2.1 Membership

 An individual may be an ordinary member and/ or one class of associate member
 In line with the incorporation act EDFC must always have at least 6 members with full voting rights

2.2 Associate membership classes

 Junior Player shall be persons who are members of a junior team. Junior Players members are entitled to all benefits and privileges of full members with the exception of voting rights at any General Meeting
 Senior Player shall be persons who are members of a senior team. Senior Player members are entitled to all benefits and privileges of full members with the exception of voting rights at any General Meeting.
 Life Member Any member who has given outstanding service to the association may be elected by the Club Committee as a life member. Any member may nominate a person to the Club Committee for consideration for life membership.

2.3 Applying for membership
 All membership applications are to be submitted via the  website, registration portal


3.1 Registration of Players

 Any individual playing for EDFC must be registered with the club via the website
 A players registration must be approved by the clubs registrar prior to their participation in any club matches
 It is a coaches responsibility to ensure that all their players are registered and approved prior to being place on any match card and taking the field
 Players must have paid all memberships fee or be on a payment plan approved by the committee prior to their registration being approved, the exception to this are any fees that are to be paid via kids sport
 Player who have outstanding fees from previous seasons must pay all monies owed in order for their registration to be accepted. These players are also ineligible for a payment plan.
 Players must be registered by the date set by the committee to secure their position within a team
 A player applying for registration after the closure of registrations shall have his/her name recorded by the Registrar as a late applicant and shall be advised as soon as possible whether his/her registration is accepted
 Following a review of junior players registered, the number of players required to complete each age group will be determined. These will be made up from the late applicants in the order in which they applied to the Registrar
 All senior players must be registered online through  by no later than Friday 5pm prior to a standard league fixture on the immediate following Sunday. All other fixtures or matches shall require registration online through within a minimum of 48 hours prior to the match

3.2 Payment of registration fees

 Where possible all registration fees are to be paid at the time of registration through the website
 Fees must be paid prior to the first game of the season
 The committee may offer a discount for members who pay their fees in full prior to the first game of the season and/or may charge a surcharge for members who enter into a payment plan.
 The committee may offer a discount of fee to individuals who volunteer/ and participate as a coach, committee member and/ or key coordinating role.
 Where a payment plan has been arranged set payments must be made on or before the agreed intervals
 If a member on a payment plan misses a payment, that member will be excluded from any activities until payments are brought up to date.

3.3 Player commitment

 All players are expected to be committed to training and playing soccer for their teams.
 Player Expectations:
        o Where possible, attend all training sessions and team meetings of the club.
        o Notify Coach/Manager as soon as possible if unable to attend training or are unavailable               for selection.
        o Obey all reasonable directions from the Committee, Coach/Manager
        o Obtain and maintain the best possible physical condition so as to render the most                            efficient service to the club.
        o Enjoy team-mates company and help bond the club together through encouragement,                   enthusiasm and maintaining a positive approach to administration, training and games.

3.4 Team selections

 CCJSA Players will be allocated to teams according to age, previous teams played in and friends they wish to play with.
 SWSA Players will be allocated to either Men’s or Women’s squad, team selections will be made by coaches on a game by game basis

3.5 Uniform

 EDFC will supply each team with a set of playing strips
 It is a players responsibility to ensure any playing strip they are issued with is cared for and respected
 It is the coaches responsibility to ensure all playing strips are returned to the club at the end of the playing year
 Players are to supply their own shorts (black), boots, shin guards, black socks, white socks (if required) and any other personal equipment.

3.6 Dress code

 Senior players, both men and women are required to wear club polos, black pants and black shoes before and after their games. All other senior divisions are up to the discretion of the coach and committee


4.1 Club Colours

 EDFC primary club colours are black and blue
 EDFC’s secondary colour/s white

4.2 Trophies and awards
 Every player in junior completion will be awarded with a medal
 Each year the club will supply the following trophies to each team participating in the U11’s to U16’s competition.
        o Most improved
        o Coaches award
        o Fairest and Best
 Each year the club will supply the following trophies each team in the senior competition
        o Fairest and Best
        o Runner up fairest and best
        o Most improved
        o Coaches award
 One Player’s player award will be supplied for one female player’s player and one male player’s player. This award is voted on by the players in a 3, 2, 1 points style.
The club also has a president’s award that will be awarded by the president to a member of the club who has put in an outstanding effort to the club

4.3 Service awards

Long term service by members of EDFC will be recognised by awards as follows:
 Five years’ service
 Ten years’ service
 Fifteen years’ service
 Twenty years’ service
Continuity of service will not be interrupted in circumstances where a player returns to play with the Club after:
 Being away from club soccer to play representative soccer.
 Being unable to play because of injury / health / medical reasons.
 Being unable to play because the Club did not have a place or team available.
 Or other special circumstances approved by the Committee

4.4 Equipment

 All gear used for training and games are to be returned to shed and placed in a tidy manner after use.
 A Register (Equipment Register) of all club equipment is to be established and maintained, recording:
        o Type of equipment (description)
        o Equipment details (model, etc.)
        o Quantity
        o Serial number (if applicable)
        o Purchase date (if known)
        o Current condition
 The Equipment Register shall be updated by an annual stocktake. This will be compared with the previous stocktake and all discrepancies will be reported at the next General Committee meeting and prior to the Annual General Meeting.
 Equipment is not to be taken from the club ground without the committee and/ or the equipment managers knowledge and permission
 A key register will be kept at all times and updated when keys are handed out
 Any equipment including keys and all playing strips provided to coaches are to be returned to the club at the completion of their team’s competition.
 All key holders will hand in their keys, prior to or at the AGM. Keys will then be handed out to office bearers and committee as required.

4.5 Smoking

o The club recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and those non-smoking club members and visitors have the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke.

4.6 Canteen duty

 Every team shall be required to staff the canteen for a full day whilst games are being played at Wells Recreation Ground, at least once during the season.
 This duty is essential to the successful running of the Club.
 The Canteen Co-ordinator will advise Coaches as to what day their teams are scheduled to staff the Canteen and barbecue.
 Coach will roster his/her team’s parents, players or supporters to work behind the Canteen counter and to operate the barbecue for the full day, from 15 minutes before commencement of the first game until 15 minutes after the finish of the last game.
 At least two people should be rostered on duty at any one time, usually for one/two hour periods.
 Children under the age of 16 years are not allowed to work in the Canteen. This is a legal requirement and has insurance implications.

4.7 Nets up and nets down duty

 Nets Up work shall be the responsibility of every team scheduled for the first game of the day at the Club’s home ground
 Nets Down work shall be the responsibility of every team scheduled for the last game of the day at the Clubs home ground
 The last teams must also collect any litter on the ground and place into the appropriate rubbish bins.


Failure to adhere to these bylaws may result in disciplinary action deemed appropriate by coach or committee.



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